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Monday, January 3, 2011

Why Customer Service is important?

Full disclosure first, I am a customer.  There is a good chance I've been a customer of yours in some fashion.  I've either contacted your call center to speak to a phone employee about a problem or to order a service, or I've had face-to-face contact with an employee when purchasing a product or service.  Out of all the gazillions of interactions I've had over a lifetime of being a consumer,  there are only a handful that made me remember the employee and left me with a positive impression of the organization they represented.  Most of my interactions leave me puzzled, disappointed, and most important for your bottom line, still in search of a business that will treat me and my consumer dollars with respect.

Providing excellent customer service is THE strategic, easy to understand and implement, behavior that can cost or generate exponential revenue for your organization.  This blog will highlight the customer interactions I encounter, good and bad, and how I would, as a customer service training professional, improve the situation. 

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