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Friday, August 7, 2015

Metrics Can Kill - Part 2 - How to keep the mojo going?

We made it to the finish line!   

Another Tour de France ends, and the winner of the intense endurance event was British cyclist, Christopher Froome.  After 2,000+ kilometers, full of tragedy and triumph, it is done.

So what were the Knappe results of our annual fitness challenge?  Week 1: Two days after I wrote the first blog, I did well.  My husband, Rolf, achieved phenomenal results.  Week 2: I maintained and the hubby?  Again phenomenal.   Week 3: I went down a tiny bit more, and the hubby, phenomenal again!!

If we were a contact center, Rolf would receive the $50 AMEX gift card, and I would get to keep my job.  He was rightly excited, and I was unenthusiastic satisfied.  The worst part, since I did not achieve a prize (the big weight loss), my motivation to keep going waned even though there are still results to achieve.

The Business Lesson

My husband took an aggressive path, achieved his well-deserved results, but it would be difficult to continue his steep upward swing over time.  Eventually, he will be at  his goal weight.  I took the slow and steady road and although my results weren’t wow, I was solid.

As an employer, it’s tricky what achievements to recognize.  Rolf’s achievement deserves celebration, but I still desire recognition too.  In a short contest, almost anyone can make magic happen for a few weeks, or sometimes contest are designed with unintentional bias.  Long-term contest can get tedious to administrate and keep the motivation going.

Your Action Item

Mix up the length of contests for your employees, and plan the schedule early in the operational year.  Some contests can be short sprint in nature, just like the daily prize of the Tour.  Others can last a business quarter.  I like the business quarter idea for the added bonus it improves the team’s business acumen.   I would not go past a quarter simply because business fluctuates too much throughout a given year.

Now I have 50 weeks to prepare for 2016! Go, Stacey, go!

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